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 Spectrum Therapy Products has been the manufacturing leader of the BAPS (Biomechanical Ankle Platform System) for ankle and knee rehabilitation since 1986.  Our products are made in the USA and we are the market leader in the fields of physical therapy, exercise therapy, rehabilitation and now home therapy.

The BAPS systems are based on clinical and functional analysis of the anatomy, kinesiology, neurology and biomechanics of the foot, ankle and lower leg.  

When recommended or prescribed by a health care professional the BAPS can be used in rehabilitation of the ankle or lower extremities for post-acute injury, strains and micro-traumas caused by chronic overuse and, in post-operative situations also.  

The BAPS systems are an ideal and cost-effective solution for training, conditioning, injury prevention and screening in the sports environment.

Our newest product the  AirBAPS features an unique shaped air bladder which utilizes the properties of a predictable and unpredictable environment. It can be utilized sitting, standing or in partial weight bearing positions. The air bladders’ bumpy top surface enhances circulation to the foot by stimulating pressure points.

The AirBAPS is durable and portable, weighs 9 pounds.  Take it with you on your treatment days or rent out to patients for home therapy use.

Spectrum Therapy is a product innovator that has been strategically working hand in hand with therapy professionals for over 30 years to make the BAPS systems the standard of excellence in the rehabilitative marketplace.   We give you the biomechanical advantage when it comes to ankle and knee rehabilitation, athletic lower extremity conditioning, and range of motion by increasing the development of your core strength, balance, and center of gravity (COG) core stabilization.

Spectrum Therapy has been the innovator of this core concept Gary Gray, who is known world-wide as the Father of “functional rehabilitation” and Jerry Seel patented this concept into a functional piece of equipment that we have been manufacturing for 30 years.

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest value of quality workmanship and look forward to working with you to support all your therapeutic challenges.

Dave Warner,
Director of Sales and Operations